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Wedding videos have come a long way since shaky home movies with handycams. Today, wedding videographers (and cinematographers) can create feature film-quality videos that will capture the sights and sounds of your day.

Plus, you can relive the moments and share them on DVD for years to come. To make sure you end up with a video you’ll want to treasure, here are (six) things that will make your wedding video unique:

Wedding Videographer

  1. A Save-The-Date Wedding Video

The first step towards planning your wedding is to send out save-the-date invitations so that your friends and family know about your special day.

You can do so by creating a save-the-date wedding video to announce the D-Day. You can base it on your favorite movie or choose a funny theme to make the video special.

  1. Choose different filters or formatting

When your videographer goes to edit your wedding footage talk to them about making the film look grainy like an old documentary, or talk about using different formats so the layout isn’t always the same.

  1. Film guest messages

Having your guests record filmed messages for your wedding video isn’t an entirely new idea, but it adds a very personal touch to the finished product. Try setting up a separate video room with a comfortable sofa and a static video camera so your guests feel less self conscious about recording their message in front of other people.

  1. Try a Cinematic Theme

Using black and white, and color footage your videographer can edit the film to be like that of an old Hollywood film. This type of wedding video will be entertaining as well as timeless. Plus the switching between color and black and white footage is an interesting visual that will keep the eye intrigued!

  1. A Wedding Video Trailer

Ask your videographer about creating a shorter version of your wedding video (two to three minutes) to show friends and family and share online with others.

  1. Slide Show

This is a technique that has become very popular among the juvenile and modern couples. In this technique the videographers take still photographs of the ceremony and the situation. They then add into these photographs special effects and wonderful music to emphasize on the ceremonial events and they highlight the couples in such a manner that is awe-inspiring and eye captivating.

  1. Tell the Whole Story

Don’t limit yourself to the wedding day itself, but include short sections of film showing the build up to the wedding. You can take footage of the engagement party, the dress fittings, the hens and bucks parties and the wedding preparations, as well as the ceremony and reception.

You can also include a short section showing footage taken on the honeymoon. Your coverage of each aspect may be reduced, but you will have a fascinating video showing the entire wedding story.

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life and the memories of it will be cherished by you and your partner forever. However chances are, no matter how sharp your memory is, you won’t remember every single detail of it off by heart – which is why a lot of couples nowadays are opting to have wedding videography.

From that breath-taking moment that you glide down the aisle in your wedding dress, right down to the evening party where your Auntie Sophia pulls out her best dance moves after one too many glasses of champagne, having this all captured on film means that you can relive the day in all its glory for years to come.

How To Choose Your Wedding Videographer

Wedding Videographer

If you’ve chosen to go down this route and need some help deciding who to pick, read on for our top tips on how to choose a wedding videographer.

1. Do Your Research

Before you start looking for a videographer, it’s important to know what you’d like them to create. A wedding video can be as simple as a single-camera video of your vows, or it can be a much more elaborate production, done in any number of different styles. To understand what’s available in the market, sit with your significant other and start checking out wedding videos. Take notes on the different styles and effects that you like – Professional video editors can create very different videos from the same footage.

2. Check Out Reviews and Referrals

Don’t hesitate to ask friends or family who’ve had a wedding lately which they used for their wedding videographer. The first-hand experience with a professional wedding video editing business can tell you a lot about what to expect from the person you’re considering hiring.

If you don’t have the opportunity to follow this path, check out online reviews of videographers you’re considering. Even better, ask for references from videographers you’re interested in hiring. It’s a great way to really learn about what you can expect when hiring a wedding videographer.

3. Meet Face-to-Face

In order for you to be fully relaxed in front of the camera on your wedding day, you want to forget your videographer is there and the only way you can do this is if you trust them wholeheartedly.

Meet with them to get a feel for how you will work together and lay out exactly what parts of the day you want to be filmed. Once this has been discussed, let them do what they do best and don’t offer your input on the big day unless they ask for it – you’re there to enjoy yourself not to direct!

4. Ask For Demos

You must ask to see a demonstration tape of the videographer’s previous work. There is no reason for them not to supply a demo — if they say they can’t for privacy or other reasons, cross them off your list.

Ideally you should see a range of work from them, but also make sure you watch an entire video from start to finish. You want to know that they can cover the whole event well, not just get a few nice shots here and there. Note that it is normal to have a few minor errors during a long video.

+Point: You might also like to ask for references from previous customers.

5. Decide on Your Budget

You’ve checked off two important boxes on your checklist to select your wedding videographer – deciding on the style and examining the options on who you may want to hire. But like just about everything else associated with a wedding, now you need to see how your options fit your budget.

One important fact to consider when examining the prices charged by professional wedding video editors is that there’s often a good degree of flexibility in how their packages are constructed. It’s worth examining these in detail if you find a videographer you like whose price seems a bit high. Their package may include extras you’re not interested in, like online posting of your video or high costs for making extra DVD copies of the video. If you’re not interested in these services or can do some of the tasks yourself, you may be able to negotiate a better price.

Remember, too, that the earlier you look to hire a professional wedding video editing service, the more leverage you’ll have to negotiate on the price. Most videographers won’t mind taking a small hit on the price they charge if they can line up your job well ahead of time.

6. Cameras & Equipment

You might like to ask what type of video camera and other equipment will be used. If you are familiar with video equipment this information might be useful but it’s probably not necessary. An average camera in the hands of an expert is better than the most expensive camera operated by an average videographer.

It is definitely worth asking how many cameras will be used. A single camera is not really capable of capturing everything properly and safely. Two cameras will allow for much better shots and significantly reduce the chance of missing something important. A third camera, usually left on a static wide shot, provides even more safety and creative options.

7. Discuss The Editing and Final Video Versions

Even the best video editors may not get everything right the first time. Be sure that you discuss and specify with the videographer how many edits they’ll do of the video at the agreed upon price. See if you can be allowed to view the rough cut of the video before they ship you the finished product.

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