Believe it or not but I’m crazy enough to think that videos are magical. They can capture the moment and save it for eternity. If you are about to get married or if you are a videographer, here are the latest trends in Wedding Videography that you should know about.

  1. 3-D Photo Montage Show

This is the next big thing in Videography. The concept has been present for a few years now. Wedding photographers have started to include 3-D Photo Montage show in their packages. It is a slideshow or short movie. Couples give their still images to the photographer. He then manipulates them and transforms them into 3-D images. You can also get special effects added in it. But, it will charge you extra money. This is an extensive editing work. It will take days or even a week in preparation. The show is a bit expensive because of all the editing work it requires. If you have a big budget or are looking for some additional entertainment, then it is a good idea.

  1. Same day editing

It is not the same as 3-D Photo Montage Show. It is the type of editing that takes the picture and clips from the morning event and edits it by evening, and it is then displayed in the reception. It is not a very latest trend, but its popularity has been increasing in recent years. A team of videographers gather small footage and pictures throughout the ceremony and edits them. Members of the videographer team take their turn in editing. They get it edited before the wedding party. Because the team consists of 3 to 4 videographers, it will be a bit expensive than the normal videographer.

  1. Highlights Reel

Not everyone has the time to see an hour or two long videos. A highlight reel is an excellent option. The entire wedding video is compressed and converted into a 5-minute short video. You can send this video to all your family members and friends who couldn’t make it to your wedding. Videographers add all the important moments of your wedding and make it into a small video. It becomes a short story of your eternal love that you share with others around you.

  1. Reportage wedding Videography

Reportage is the art of capturing the most intense and emotional moments of the entire weddings. It is more like a documentary style, and there are no staged shots. Everything is natural and real. Capturing the expressions of the first kiss, dance and look are included in Reportage video. These moments are very precious and capturing them through the lens of your camera is a big accomplishment. The couple and their family and friends will surely relive the moment after seeing it. The emotions, feelings and priceless moments of joy will come back again in the form of reportage video.

  1. Trash the dress

Yes! It is exactly what the name says. It is a new and very popular trend. It is when after the wedding, the bride ruins her dress by jumping in the mud or let kids touch it with sticky and dirty hands. The main concept behind it is that no bride gets to wear the dress after her wedding. So, why not use to add a fun element in their wedding and the video as well. The dress trashing video is shot in nature or abandon and dramatic areas. You can even opt for an urban style setup. The bride and groom have a good time, and it is all captured skillfully by a videographer.

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