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We can all easily search for wedding hairstyle ideas, but it’s more difficult to find out the hair-care steps necessary to take so you can pull off more of the styles you see online or in wedding magazines.

Prepping your hair through proper care should be considered part of your wedding checklist as early as six months before your wedding. However, even if you are just weeks away from your wedding, the following tips are still pretty useful and can make a world of difference for how your hair looks on your wedding day.

1. Follow a healthy diet

It’s a good idea to carefully plan your diet and take the right vitamins leading up to your big day. Protein is everything – see a list of top foods that promote lustrous hair.

Zinc helps prevent hair loss and premature graying. To add more zinc in your diet, eating foods like peanuts, dried watermelon seeds, roast beef and oysters are ideal. Vitamins C and E also help with new hair growth, and copper can be found in cashews, whole milk, and beans, which helps with losing hair.

Using a daily vitamin with biotin can give your hair the extra oomph it needs to make your wedding style complete. Remember, you are what you eat!

2. Sleep well

If you are losing sleep due to the stresses of wedding planning, then consider focusing on trying to get quality sleep, since the health and volume of your hair depends on it. Sleep deprivation causes hair thinning or hair loss, since the human growth hormone (HGH) is created during sleep that helps with hair volume.

Sleep disturbance causes the production of HGH to be interrupted, leading to hair loss. Sleep deprivation can also lead to stress, which causes hair loss as well. Since sleep repairs, regenerates, and restores balance to your mind and body, invest in your sleep as part of your wedding planning and beauty preparation, especially the week of your wedding.

3. Only use a comb on wet hair

If you have been applying a brush to your wet hair, stop and use a comb instead. Your hair is significantly weaker when wet, where brushing your wet hair can cause breakage. By using a comb as early as you can in the wedding planning process, you are sure to avoid flyaways in your hairdo.

4. Watch your hair tie usage.

Consider how you tie back your hair. If you are using elastic, consider the stress placed on the hair follicle and cuticle that leads to breakage. Consider braiding your hair, wearing it down more often, and avoiding wearing a ponytail in the same location every day.

5. Prevent heat and sun damage.

You must protect your hair both from effects from the sun and artificial heat sources. You don’t want your hair looking dry and damaged on your big day. If you style your hair regularly, consider a leave-in styling product like heat protecting serum or conditioning product that includes color and heat protection.

Since dryers, curlers, and straightening tools can damage hair, try to keep use of these at a minimum leading up to your wedding day. Try towel drying your hair when possible. To guard your hair from the sun, consider hair products that contain full spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Not only are these tips essential for having flawless hair on your wedding day, these tips are simple, everyday practices that you can adopt for life. Use these lifetime skills first though during your wedding preparations to make your hair have the biggest impact when you walk down that aisle.

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