Most couples aim to save a lot of money when planning a wedding. Couples tend to scrutinize the budget multiple times to ensure that they have saved the most that they can. Even with the level of scrutiny wedding budgets gets, mistakes still occur that can lead to loss of a substantial amount of money, as much as thousands of dollars.

Here are our top wedding planning mistakes to avoid in a bid to save more money.

Renting instead of buying: Most couples do a lot of renting, especially with items that are assumed to be necessary for only the wedding day. Wedding vendors understand this thought pattern and provide rental services for a range of items. However, renting may be a more expensive option. To avoid this mistake, weigh your options even with items you think you might not need in the future.

Renting a venue without knowing its terms and conditions: Some venues come with furnishings. For others, you only get the space. Before committing a venue, ensure that the terms and conditions are convenient. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money on getting services and items not provided by the venue.

Altering the guest list: The guest list is the first thing you should consider while planning your wedding. Other decisions are affected by the guest list. Be sure of who’s on the guest list, and be prepared stop invitations as soon as you make a comprehensive guest list. Also, be sure of who gets to come with a date and stick to a strict policy. Change in guest list affects the venue, food, accommodation plans for guesting coming from afar and other activities planned for guests. Such changes can cost a lot of money.

Outdoor locations are cheaper: Yes, the cost of renting an outdoor space may be cheaper, but the cost of tents, power, chairs tables, lighting and other materials needed to make the outdoor space cozy may increase the cost of using outdoor locations drastically. Before you conclude on an outdoor location, ensure that the overall cost won’t cost much more money.

DIY projects are cheaper: Except you are sure of your competency with a particular task, do not attempt to do it yourself. Embarking on DIY projects for your wedding can lead to incurring more costs. The cost of learning how to do a task, getting the right materials and tools and executing the task may be more than the cost of getting the task done by a professional. Except you are a professional or a near-professional, DIY project may not be the best call. DIY projects may cost you much more money.

I can do it all: No, you can’t. The more helpers you have, the better. The tendency to control every bit of their big is common with most couples, especially brides. Controlling every bit of your wedding can wear you out and lead to mistakes that will cost more money. The more help you get also gives you time to focus on aspects that matter most to you. If possible, get a professional planner and allow them to take a lot of stress off you. If you can’t get professional help, accept the help of willing friends and families, and try not to overstress them.

Forgetting to make accommodation plans for out-of-town guests: Most guests coming from other towns and cities will arrive the night before. Most of them might also forget to make accommodation plans. To save cost and stress, provide accommodation options for out-of-town guests with an agreement on who foots the bill. Bulk accommodation plans may also attract discounts. Waiting to the night before to procure accommodation for out-of-town guests may result in spending a lot more money as your preferred hotels could be completely booked.

Ultimately, every couple wants a day that turns out great without overflowing stress and expenses. Mistakes and inevitable when planning a wedding, and it is necessary to mitigate mistakes as much as possible, especially those that will lead to spending more money.

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