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Are getting ready for your big day? Congratulations! This is an exciting time of life, but, as you’ve likely already realized, it doesn’t come without its fair share of stress. In fact, wedding planning is an infamously stressful activity. But does it really deserve all the disdain? We think that wedding planning tends to get a bad rap, quite frankly, when all it takes is a bit of thinking ahead to make the experience a smooth one. Let’s take a look at five tips for stress-free wedding planning! 

Why can wedding planning be so stressful?

With a nickname like “the big day”, is it really surprising that planning a wedding ends up a nerve-wracking process? The pressure is on to plan the perfect occasion that will “wow” your friends and family and leave your party the talk of the town. This naturally pushes quite a bit stress onto the wedding planners themselves – typically the brides. Don’t worry if you’re fretting about planning a great day for your guests! Take a look at some of our tips to find a bit of zenamidst the chaos. 

1. Remember That This is Your Day

The day might be a time for friends and family to come together, but ultimately, it’s your wedding. That means that you get to make decisions, even if that means throwing a much more low-key party than the one your parents are envisioning. Create a day that you’ll love and everything else will fall into place. 

2. “Perfect” is Subjective

Do you and your future spouse prefer barefoot days on the beach to intricate ceremonies and fancy clothing? Don’t be so quick to dismiss your preferences just because it’s how things have always been done. “Traditional” doesn’t mean “best”. When you plan a day around what kind of activities make you comfortable, you’re creating an environment that fosters happiness even amongst stress. Should anything go wrong, you’re more likely to rebound if you’re in a naturally comforting environment. 

3. Hire a Planner

Not everyone is a natural at event planning, and that’s okay. That’s why actual expertsoffer their services in planning your dream wedding. Consider hiring someone who can take your vision and create a beautiful event on your behalf, without you having to struggle through the details yourself.

4. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You might be tempted to lose sleep in favor of spending more time planning (or worrying about) your wedding. Don’t fall into that trap! The more sleep you lose, the more prone to stress you become. Make sure you get a good night’s sleepon a consistent basis to ensure that you’re ready to face the complexities of wedding planning.

5. Hit the Gym

Finally, you might consider hitting the gym to help reduce your stress levels. Physical activity is a great way to work through worry and come up with innovative solutions to whatever worries are on your mind. Take a trip the gym a few times a week and sweat the anxiety out. 

Are you getting ready for your big day? Don’t worry – stress-free planning can be your reality. Keep our tips in mind and the process is sure to be an easy one. 

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