The event management industry witnessed rapid changes in the year 2017. There has been a noticeable trend in the use of technology to manage events such as festivals, weddings, rallies, birthdays, brand promotions and others. However, researchers are already opining that the year 2018, will be a tech-driven year for the event management industry.

There are a lot of new tech options that are expected to influence the event management industry in 2018 positively. Some of this ideas apps and innovations will help event planners do their jobs better and improve the experience of those who were invited to the event.

Some of this new tech trends expected to hit the industry in 2018 include the following.

Wi-Fi on the fly: DB Events Network recently created a new Wi-Fi connectivity solution. The network makes it possible and easy for event planners to quickly create a Wi-Fi network during weddings, festivals, carnivals, and ceremonies when there is no existing connectivity infrastructure.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation: The European Union General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect in May 2018. This regulation will totally revitalize the way event planners gather personal information of people who plan to attend their events. The GDPR will affect event planners worldwide because it will change the way they process information and ask questions using mobile apps and registration forms. It will also affect the way event planners use data gathered from events for marketing and personal reasons.

Apple latest update: Recently Apple unveiled its latest range of new products that will also affect the event management industry. One such product is the iPhone – X, this handset charges wirelessly which mean that setting up a charging point for people who will be attending the event. Also, the iPhone-X will open up new ways through which information on various events can be gathered; it is also an excellent alternative for the delivery of high-resolution contents at live events.

Snap Mask: This new app that was recently created will help event planners to offer a photo sharing experience at their events. The app which works like snap chat is a facial-recognition app that is designed for people who are interested in taken selfie at the event. The guest will pick their filters, take their selfie using their iPhone and share the image or video clip through a text or email. The snap mask can be used with a printer to allow guest get real photos that they could take home to their families.

Finally, the event management industry will witness a rapid change due to the new technological trends that are expected to be of significant impact to the industry in 2018. Event planners are expected to leverage on this new technological trends in making their business attractive to prospective clients. This new tech trends will also simplify the way which the event management industry carry out their business easily and professionally.

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