No matter how hard you try, some unexpected disasters make their way into your wedding receptions. But, don’t worry! There is always a solution to a problem. The answer might not be apparent, but if you think with a sound mind without going crazy, you can solve the problem in a short time without any trouble.

Here are some disasters that can happen.

  1. Rain Disaster

Rain is a blessing from God. But, it doesn’t look like a blessing when you are in the middle of your wedding ceremony in an open area, and it starts raining. This is something we all who want an outdoor wedding, fear from. What to do then? The simple solution always has some backup. Buy some tents that can easily be set up in the least amount of time. If you wanted to have a photo shoot and it starts raining than tell your bridesmaid or a friend to quickly run out and buy some umbrellas for you and the others. Be a daredevil and step out with your umbrella. Believe you me, sometimes photos taken in the rain are much more attractive than the normal ones.

  1. Flowers weltering during the event

There is honestly no solution for flower weltering in the middle of your wedding event. The best you could do is asking your wedding planner to arrange flowers that can withstand a long event without getting dull. The best options are dahlias, sunflowers, and gerbera daisies. Any flower with a sturdy stem will work. There are other ways to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time. Take preventive steps like keeping the flowers away from the heater. That is all you can do. If the flowers still welt than your florist is up for a very serious talk.

  1. Bugs

Bugs are some unfriendly creature that you do not want to see in your wedding. But, these buzzing insects sometimes get into the venue. This issue is mostly faced in open places or unconventional venues. You can spray environmental-friendly spray. It will not harm the environment, and your guests will not be disturbed as well. Another good option is some bug-repellent wipes. You can place them on different tables in the reception. The guests will truly appreciate this kind gesture from you. This problem can be prevented if you do a thorough check of this place.

  1. Mispronouncing the wrong name

What if the band or DJ mispronounces the last name of the couple? It is a cringe-worthy moment. Have a detailed meeting with the band member before the wedding to prevent such an incident from occurring. These are the small details that often left out. Do your best to inform your wedding band or DJ about it. You can send your bridesmaid or friend to go and politely them how to correctly pronounce the name. During the meeting, you can write them out your first and last name and tell them how to pronounce them the right way.

  1. Wardrobe malfunction

All brides fear this moment. This is why having a bride emergency kit is necessary. I have given a detailed post about it in my last blog post. Normally the emergency kit has sewing material, and you can stitch it in time. If the problem is much more complicated like the gown zip broke or a button from the grooms dress fell off, have a professional seamstress with you throughout the event. It will cost you some extra cash, but it will save you from a bigger tragedy. If your budget doesn’t allow you, find a person in your family who will be able to help you out in the hour of need.

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