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ManyChat Access

1. Signup to ManyChat Pro (PAID) using this link:

2. Authorize your website URL in ManyChat (
– Settings > Growth Tools > Authorize Websites
TIP: If you experience an issue where this section is not loading, Go to: Settings > General > Refresh Permissions

3. Add User: Settings > Users > Invite New Member (Admin)

Example “Invite New Member “URL:

Website Access

Turn off Facebook Messenger

– Turn Off All Facebook Page Messenger Replys
1. Facebook Business Page > Settings > Messaging > Show a greeting “Off”
 2. Facebook Business Page > Settings > Messaging > During a Messenger

Conversation “Setup” > “Tick All Boxes Off”

Optional Add-On Services

Connect Active Campaign email lead list to ManyChat –  Active Campaign Software: Automatically add emails to an email mailing list for email follow-ups
 *Recommended* $50 to link  ManyChatFlow to Active Campaign Email List

– Add Active Campaign to ManyChat: Settings > Integrations > “Connect Active Campaign”

Don’t have an ActiveCampaign account?
         – Signup to Active Campaign Lite using this link:

Cold Lead Email Campaign 6 Month Follow Up – If you don’t have an email Cold Lead Campaign that warms prospects up to a meeting (sharing tips and advice for their event) I offer a 6 month series of emails for $150