Wedding Show Questionnaire

1. Hi, are you looking for DJ or Photo Booth?

2. Here is some more information and the services we offer? (Hand Booklet)

3. Do you have any specific questions I can help with?

4. (Price question) Prices range from $1295-$3995, and our average client spends about $1500

5. Can I email you our complete pricing? (Scan QR Code, verify they received it)

6. Can I show you our planner app & how simple it is to plan with us? (Show Planner Demo Click Here)

6. Are you booking some vendors today?

7. Any other questions I can help with?

Ready to book today ???

Fill out this form and a contract will be sent later.

Wedding Show Duties

  • Talk with prospects
  • Post set up on Abell DJ Story
  • NETWORK with vendors, post their booth on story & tag them. Give business card


  • Wear what you would to a wedding: Button up w/ sport coat. Dress shoes. Dark jeans are OK

Equipment to Bring

  • DJ Booth or cocktail table
  • Banner
  • 1 Up Light
  • 2 Ipads: 1 Showing Demo Portal / 1 For yourself

    Marketing Box:

  • Booklets
  • Flower/Vase
  • Chapstick
  • Pens
  • Business Cards
  • Hall of Fame